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Health Matters 360 | Life in Balance

lunch & learn

Our one-hour lunch & learn workshops offer a great way to introduce Health Matters 360 at Work and deliver real value and results to your business.

Choose from a one-off workshop, or a series delivered over a number of days or weeks depending on your business objectives.

Be Smart

Improve memory & concentration

  • What is brain health
  • How to promote optimum mental performance through nutrition & lifestyle
  • Foods & snacks to make you smarter
  • How to prevent and manage degenerative conditions
  • Increase focus & mental productivity at work and in your daily life
Be Organised

Eating a more balanced diet, feeling more energetic, feeling happier

  • Food diary, assessment & recommendations
  • Foundations of balancing blood sugar
  • Meal and snack ideas
  • Mood foods
Be Healthy
Choosing the right foods to look after your heart
  • How to manage high blood pressure and high LDL (‘bad’ cholesterol)
  • Blood Pressure measurement for all
  • Overview of areas to focus to reduce dietary intake of saturated fat, sugar and salt but increasing essential fats, potassium, magnesium food sources and fibrous foods to help overall cardio-vascular health.
Be Stress Free
The affect of stress on our health
  • Two tests for adrenal function (Ragland and Pupillary response test)
  • (Ragland and Pupillary response test)
  • How stress affects blood sugar balance and vice versa
  • Symptoms of adrenal insufficiency and how to address them
  • Nutritional hints and tips for managing stress and keeping a healthy heart
Be Happy

Achieving that elusive life balance and happiness

  • An introduction to the importance of living in the moment
  • The power of breath 
  • Simple techniques to help reduce stress response and engage positive response
Be Motivated

Feel motivated not stressed out!
 (This will provide the foundation and understanding of stress leading to positive change)

  • The effects of stress on the body
  • The dreaming brain techniques for relaxation (7:11 breathing; basic meditation for sleep)
  • The importance of exercise, taking breaks in the day and correct posture
  • Exercise – personal goal setting for positive change
  • Guided group visualisation and relaxation
Be Positive

Positive mental attitude and communications

  • Positive communications - respond don’t react
  • Be here now – effective listening and mindfulness
  • Personal spare capacity
  • Positive mental attitude
  • Are your friends and family optimistic or do they drain you?
  • Exercise – ‘What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’


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“I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch and learn session and found the topic to be extremely helpful in dealing with situations in everyday life, not just at work."

- Employee of Saavis